Knowledge and Experience

CSV marketing is known throughout the country as a rep that really understands the needs and applications of industrial end users. We have been in business since 1991, but most of our associates have experience that precedes that.

Because of out extensive product knowledge and experience establishing and maintaining distribution, our agency is uniquely qualified to support manufacturers, distributors and end users.

Promoting Products to End Users

We believe that the end user determines the success of our product lines, so we spend the majority of our time developing end user demand. We focus on the pros who actually use the tools and equipment by going out to the job sites, whether it’s a power plant, a mine or a mill.

Today, end users have to be able to quantify the value of the products they purchase. They need to see and understand how paying a premium price for those products—especially American-made products—is going to save them money in the long run. End users want to know that the tools they are purchasing are better than what they are currently using. We show them why the products we represent are the best value for their jobs.

Cost of Ownership vs. Cost of the Tool

The cost of ownership and the cost of the tool are two very different things. When end users buy superior-quality products, they save money in the long run. They don’t have to deal with problems such as breakage, premature wear, returns or safety issues.

A high-quality tool that offers superior performance and long-lasting service gives the end user much more value than a tool of lesser quality. That’s why we always promote the cost of ownership over the cost of the tool.

Relationships with Manufacturers

“CSV Marketing is different than other rep agencies because of their disciplined values and progressive thinking. They maximize their agencies’ growth by increasing the sales of their core lines. Their focus on missionary end user work drives distribution to continually sell and demand their represented brands.”
Gregory W. Helbling • Vice President, Sales • Wright Tool Company

At CSV, we’ve been successful at developing long-term, committed alliances with our manufacturers. We are actively involved in helping their products lines grow. That involvement includes creating strategic plans — both short-term and long-term.

Ours is a unique business in that we are the largest rep for nearly all of the lines we represent. We are also considered the top-performing rep agency in the country year in and year out. The proof of that is in the many manufacturer awards we have earned for outstanding sales achievements.

“CSV Marketing has been our TRUMPF Power Tool Independent Representative for more than 25 years. Among the many reasons for their success are the experience they have with our product and the skill of demonstrating our tools to end users. These are very significant components in helping the end users find methods of solving the problems they may be experiencing producing their products. It is a basic concept with tremendous results. Thank you for all of your efforts.”
Tony Mirisola • Power Tool Product Manager • TRUMPF, Inc.

Relationships with Distributors

Through our six strategically located offices, we work closely with industrial distributors and specialty supply outlets throughout the Great Lakes region and Alaska.

As a stocking rep, we have the products end users need most when and where they’re needed. Our 13,000-square foot warehouse gives distributors a logistical advantage over their competition. It allows us to ship to our territories within one business day and no later than two days.